About AJC

The Adirondack Jetski Club (AJC ), who are we ?

We are riders. People who enjoy the comradery & safety of operating pwc’s in a group. Our members consist of people from all over the Northeast. From teenagers to adults more than double the teen’s ages.
The AJC is a sanctioned American Watercraft Association ( AWA ) charter club. The AWA is the only consumer based organization committed to fighting for your freedom to ride your pwc.

One does not need to be an AWA member to join. But the AJC strongly recommends that all pwc operators support the efforts of the AWA.

  The AJC is an informal club with no officers & no annual fees.

Our philosophy is to be courteous to all members of the boating community & help any & or all of our fellow maritime enthusiasts. .

The AJC is also a very safety conscious group. Not only do we focus on member safety on the water, our intricate system of hand signal communication ensures our ability to remain focused on operation while communicating. This system also helps us avoid collisions with other vessels, swimmers & stationary objects.

When it comes to pwc’s the AJC does not discriminate. Stand ups, single rider sport class pwc’s, big gun performance runabout muscle craft, & touring pwc’s are all existing watercraft in our club fleet.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us. We ride as a group almost every weekend April through October. Some of our members have been known to squeeze into dry suits & break the ice in the winter months, just to get in some ride time. We look forward to meeting many other enthusiasts who share our passion for pwc’s. If you are interested in joining, or are in need of some technical support drop us a line on our forums on PWCToday.com or email us at Kevin@AdirondackJetskiClub.com